Haruyo Morimoto loves her organic tea garden. The tea bushes are like her children for Haruyo. When she walks through the tea garden parcels, she touched the tea leaves to feel how tender they are. This helps her to find out the perfect time for shincha harvest.

Every year, the Shigeru Morimoto, Haruyo’s husband, produces the Morimoto Shincha, and we bring it to all the tea shop here in Europe, where you can find it.

Haruyo Morimoto in her organic shincha tea garden

The Morimotos Shincha is known for its pure and smooth taste, with a lot of frehsness but also umami. It is characterized by a very gentle final heating, like the other teas from Haruyo and Shigeru Morimoto.

Most tea makers tend to make a stronger final heating, which created a kind of sweetness, but also take a little frehsness away. This is why the teas from Morimotos can be seen a an own style of Japanese tea in a certain way.